4 apps to improve your productivity in 2018

Michele Marius 14/02/2018 0Tips

For many of us, 2018 started with a bang! We have been busy: so much to do, so little time. However, with all of this busyness, it is easy to lose of track of important tasks, activities and goals we planned to accomplish this year.

Here we highlight four tools/applications (apps) that that can help you increase productivity, and so better maximize your time and effort.

1.  Google Keep

In need a better way to keep track of all of your to-dos? Consider Google Keep. You can create notes and lists, set time and place reminders, and check off your completed tasks. Google Keep also allows you to share ideas and collaborate with others, along with dictate your notes, and organise your entries. Tasks can also be grouped by projects, clients or activities, and remain synced across your various devices, thus keeping continually dated on the progress you have made, and what is still outstanding.

Supported Platforms:  iOS; Android; Chrome

Price:  Free

2.  Trello

Trello is a web-based project management that facilitates collaboration among teams. Trello uses cards to organise tasks, which in turn can be ordered into lists and organised on a dashboard. It also allows you to customize workflows for different projects, and add checklists of “To-Dos” on cards. Additionally, you can invited people to collaborate and assign tasks, leave comments on items, and upload photos, videos and files.

Supported platforms:  Web-based, iOS, Android

Price:  Free  USD 9.99 per user per month (Business Class); up to USD 20.83 per user per month (Enterprise Class)

3.  Evernote

Evernote is a perennial favourite, which many busy, yet organised, people swear by. It helps its users to stay organised, save ideas and improve productivity, by allowing users to, among other things, make notes (which are completely searchable), capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders, and receipts, bills and invoices. Users can also sync their notes across a broad range of devices; save and share files; scan business cards; organise notes by notebooks and tags; digitize documents and Post-it Notes; and share notes with others via popular social networks.

Supported platforms:  Android; BlackBerry; iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch); Windows Phone; Web OS; Mac OS X; Windows Desktop; Windows 8

Price:  Free; USD 34.99 per year (premium version); USD 69.99 per year (premium version); USD 12.00 per month per user (business version)

4.  Asana

Another useful project management app to consider is Asana. Asana allows you to capture tasks, to-dos, reminders, and ideas. You can also get communicate with and get updates from co-workers, along with organise and track the various tasks and work projects you need to stay on top of. Further, it is not just notes and ideas that are created in Asana that can be managed. Over 100 programmes and apps, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Slack and Dropbox to name a few, can be integrated into Asana, thus making it a powerful platform through which to keep your life – and business – in order.

Supported platforms:  Android; iOS

Price:  Free (basic, for up to 15 team members); USD 9.99 per team member per month (premium version)



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